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July 21, 2024 9:30 AM MDT Around the World

Flash Praise Event

Join believers everywhere as we praise our Heavenly Father around the world, all at the same time.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I need to go for the Flash Praise Event?

Nowhere! The Flash Praise Event happens right where you are. If you will be praising with your church, then go to your church. If you want to gather friends together, you can praise at home or at a local park. Just make sure to record yourselves! If you're praising alone, but would like to join a community, join us on Zoom.

What songs will we be singing?

We will sing a total of 4 songs. Fairest Lord Jesus (Beautiful Savior), Holy, Holy, Holy, I Love You Lord, and the Doxology to close out the event. Click here, to find videos, lyrics and song sheets to help you get familiar with the melodies.

How long is the Flash Praise Event?

30 minutes, that's it! That's why we call it a FLASH Praise Event, because it's the Body of Christ praising the Lord together in unison in just a few minutes.

Does it cost anything to join the Flash Praise Event?

Nope, it's free! But... if you feel led to sponsor the event, please go to the Flash Praise Info Page We'd be grateful for your support. That will help us to hold more worldwide praise events in the future and to support the launch of Divine Family Entertainment. Or contribute here

Who else is joining the Flash Praise Event?

Christians and churches around the world will be a part of the Flash Praise Event. Be sure to invite your international friends and family to join us at their time that correlates to 9:30am Mountain Time on Sunday, July 21st. Just send them the link to www.watchdfe.com.

Do I have to register for the Flash Praise Event?

No, you don't HAVE to... but we'd really like for you to register so that we can have an idea of the number of people joining us. That will help us when we prepare for future worldwide praise events. 

What happens if me or my church can't participate right at 9:30am Mountain Time on July 21st?

No problem! You can still go through the listed FPE items on the website when it's more convenient, record yourselves and upload your video files. We'll still include you in the documentary!

Do we have to sing THESE praise songs and read THESE Scriptures?

For this event, yes. The goal is to be on the exact same page praising our Heavenly Father in unison as the Body of Christ, with the same praise songs, same Scriptures, and same prayer format. That's what makes the Flash Praise Event different than the praise and worship that happens on any given Saturday or Sunday around the world. But if you can only sing one or two of the songs, no problem! Do what you can. Just be sure to record yourselves and upload your videos. We will work on providing a way for you to give input on the songs and Scriptures you'd like for future worldwide praise events.

Ready Sing Praises to Our Heavenly Father?